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An Age of Innocence, Acrylic on Canvas, 5' x 3', 500

The photograph (circa 1927) of my Mum and her sister standing together in the sepia mist of time has fascinated me and I can read the love of two siblings standing together against the world, defying their future. There is one year between them and they have been similarly dressed and have haircuts to match, as was the custom in those times. It was because people did not have the disposable income as they have today and siblings were often dressed this way to prevent rivalry but at the same time to show that they were well cared for. The simple shift dresses were void of too much detail and were practical, this adds to the effect of innocence.

These are indeed halcyon days before the whole world is plunged into WW2 where lives are turned up side down and great atrocities are committed. Luckily the outcome was so positive; class and social barriers are broken, women make strides to gain equality, most importantly we learn to appreciate our liberty, freedom and friendships with our neighbours. It could easily have been so different if evil had been victorious.


Mary Burton 2012